Cubs Conquer Evil Shadow Lord to Save Deltora

On the last weekend of November, the seven Cub tribes of the Riverina united for an important quest like no other – to locate the seven gems to restore the belt of Deltora and save the people from the evil Shadow Lord.  This was not going to be an easy task, with grey guards patrolling the lands and many threatening creatures guarding the gems.  But luckily, our Cubs are brave, skilled and prepared for any adventure.

From the Forests of Silence to the Valley of the Lost, the Cubs came together and overcame every challenge the Shadow Lord put in their path.  They made treacherous crossings on rope swings and rope bridges (that were even more dangerous because they were constructed by Scouts) and used giant slingshots to combat grey guards at the Forests of Silence.  The Lake of Tears saw the Cubs get a little wet, slipping and sliding, using teamwork to stop the leaking water and using their heads to transfer water from one point to another.

At the City of the Rats, it was time for the Cubs to get industrious.  They took up the trade of Adin, the original King of Deltora, and learned some new blacksmith skills, as well as carving soap creations and making some leather woggles.

After being confronted by the giant dunes of the Shifting Sands, the Cubs deftly abseiled down to safety to collect their next gem before heading on to Dread Mountain.  Unfortunately our heroes sustained many injuries at Dread Mountain, requiring them to put their first aid skills into action to save their comrades.  They bandaged their wounded mates and tended to those that sustained concussion, before building a stretcher or using a hand seat to transport them off the mountain.

After a good meal and some rest, the Cubs were ready to find the last two gems and finish their Quest.  With minds fresh and clear, they set about solving various puzzles and riddles, risking electrocution if they made the wrong move.

To reach the Valley of the Lost, they needed to build their own River Queen vessel to carry them down the river.  Using sturdy knots, they constructed their boats before racing them to retrieve the final gem.

Congratulations to the Cubs for completing every challenge to return the seven gems and restore the Belt of Deltora, saving us all from the Shadow Lord.  Thanks also to Bagheera for organising such an amazingly diverse and fun camp for the Cubs, and all the region Scouts, parents, leaders and supporters that helped make it happen.

The Cubs returned home for a well earned rest, and peace once again returned to Deltora (Camp Kurrajong).